(+9144): Okay first of all, I dunno if it's the right area code. I'm from Chennai, India by the way. I don't care, I came here to talk about you. I dunno if I love or hate you more. You just won't leave me alone huh?


Why? Why won't you get out of my mind?
Here I am, sitting thinking about you crazily, while I'm sure you are out there with your friends, not giving a fuck about me.
Fuck it, I'm going to sleep. Can't take this any longer.
Every smile of yours make my day brighter and sadder, because that just seems to remind me again and again that I can't have you.
I'm 16 years old, and never had an ACTUAL crush. You're my first. That's pretty special okay? But it's a mess too, I'm never able to look at you without getting a goosebumps attack.
I swear, there are times when I'm okay with going behind you with my tongue like a dog. I would do any fucking thing to just be yours. Let me admit it, you are no Draco Malfoy...you're not like the hottest person on earth. But God, right now, you seem like the epitome of perfection. So...suave.

I have stuff to do, okay? Can't afford to have you all the time in my brain. But dayum, I can't lie sayin' I hate this feeling! It's heaven!

Thank you dude. For being my first.

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