(143): Khleo Beatriz Villadolid, I love you and there will never be a day where I'd turn down a yes from you, turn my back on you, despise you, hurt you, leave you for someone else, or anything of the sort that would bring about negative emotions from you.
I would never stop loving you as long as
The stars keep on twinkling from the heavens above
Watching us down from below
The seas keep on churning tidal waves
As unpredictable as my love for you
The days keep on going with you in it
With new episodes and possibly an us in it
The seasons keep on changing
With my love of everlasting
The winds keep on howling and whispering
How I'd wish to whisper to your ears
The planets keep on spinning and revolving
As my world is centered around you
The sun keeps on setting
Only to rise to a new day with you
The moon keeps on shining
The same shine I see when you're with me
The Earth keeps on laughing
Your laughs like bells of churches ringing
And until the end of time
And the end of my life
I'll be forever yours yet I shan't ask for you to be mine.
That I'll be yours and only yours to keep.
The key to my heart I entrust in you.
With sorrowful love and hope
That my message shall reach you
And your heart with no delays,
-Меня зовут Джейк

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